Xewkija Tigers F.C. is a football club from the village of Xewkija in Gozo, Malta. The club was founded in 1939 and is named after the name of the village. They play in the Gozo Football League.

The team’s colour is yellow. The nicknames for Xewkija Tigers are the “Yellows”, which is derived from the team’s shirt or the “Tigers”, derived from the team’s whole name. Xewkija Tigers’ main rivals are Ghajnsielem F.C. and Sannat Lions F.C. due to their geographical proximity.


12th Tiger Supporters Club are the Xewkija Tigers FC ultras formed at the start of the 2011-12 season, the season during which Xewkija Tigers won the famous 5 cups which Gozitan football has to offer. From that season, during which they offered a spectacle of support, banners, chants and bands, onwards the 12th Tiger continues to offer their utmost support to Xewkija Tigers FC both off and on the pitch.

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